Benevolent Committee

The Benevolent Committee is comprised of senior program members elected by all of our CCCF senior members to serve in leadership roles and to act as the bridge between CCCF and all senior members. The Committee members also partner with our staff to ensure that the programs developed meet the mission and goals of CCCF.  They provide suggestions to improve programs, conduct outreach activities, engage other seniors to participate in CCCF activities, and collect feed backs from senior members.  The Committee members also serve as an important role model to the younger generation within CCCF and the community at larger by passing down their wisdom about the Chinese culture and values which in turn helps young people appreciate their Chinese heritage.

In Appreciation of Our Senior Leaders:

Choi, Pui Hong – Chair of Committee

Li, Anna – Vice Chair of Committee

Cai, Xing Yuan – Food & Beverage

Choi, Pui Hong – Education and Singing

Fang, Wei – Karaoke

Hu, Hui Li – Dance

Lin, Dao Ji – PingPong

Luo, Guang Sheng – Mahjong

Wang, Pei Li – Food & Beverage

Wu, Zhen Fang – Calligraphy

Xie, Jin Sheng – Mahjong

Xu, Zi Long – Tai Chi

Yang, Bei Ling – Chinese Painting

Zhang, Edward – English

Zhang, Yi Jun – Computer