In The News

<CP> CCCF Acquires Fund 12.14.2014

<CP> Mrs. He Speaks About Cross-strait Marriage 09.26.2014

<SN> CCCF Provides Teens Scholarship For Chinese Culture Study 08.07.2014

<ET> CCCF Fundraises For Inheriting Chinese Culture 06.28.2014

<ET> CCCF’s Clean Street Act on Environmental Day 06.06.2014

<ST> CCCF Teen Volunteers Participate in the [Environmental Day Act] 06.06.2014

<WJ> $1500 Scholarship Provided for Chinese Culture Research Program 05.30.2014

<ET> CCCF Offers Government Housing Workshop 01.07.2014

<WJ> CCCF Provides Social Service to New Immigrants in Flushing Library 01.03.2014

<CP> CCCF Seniors Won the 2nd Place in NATT 12.16.2013

<CP> CCCF Free English Conversation Class Gets Popular 12.07.2013

<WJ> Flushing Christmas Tree Lightening Till Chinese New Year 12.05.2013

<CP> CCCF Provides Social Service after Thanksgiving 11.29.2013

<ET> FDC and CCCF Hold [Citi Intl Dance Festival] 08.02.2013

<ET> SBA Gives Workshop to Help Small Business 07.06.2013

<WJ> 400 Guests Attend CCCF Fundraising Gala 06.29.2013

<ET> CCCF Established For 2 Years Supporting Chinese Culture 06.29.2013

<WJ> CCCF Youth Members Garden for Environmental Day 06.08.2013

<WJ> CCCF Celebrates Chinese New Year 02.11.2013

<WJ> CM Peter Koo Shows Ping Pong Skill in CCCF 01.19.2013

<WJ> Flushing Christmas Tree Sparkling 11.27.2012

<WJ> The Beautiful Tree Bed 10.08.2012

<WJ> Mid-autumn Culture 10.08.2012

<WJ> Autumn Sensation 09.17.2012

<WJ> Seniors Walk on Street to Advocate Environmental Protection 06.06.2012

<MP> Seniors Walk and Garden for Environmental Protection 06.05.2012