Adult Education

The Resource Center at CCCF offers a safe place for Chinese-American residents in Flushing, especially those who recently arrived to this country, to learn the language, social and employment skills necessary for them to succeed in the workforce and society and achieve self-sufficiency.  We provide recreational, educational and supportive services, to help individuals overcome cultural and language barriers, gain an understanding of American social structures, and expand their vocational abilities.

Our programs and services include:


The stresses of parenthood can be an overwhelming experience for many; especially those who recently arrived in America unfamiliar with this country’s cultural norms and expectations.  CCCF offers a weekly Parent Sharing Group for parents and caregivers to share with each other their concerns and ideas about child raising and positive youth development including appropriate milestones, effective disciplinary techniques, and parent/youth communication strategies in a safe and supportive environment.

Free program for parents and caregivers


We offer Basic English, Mandarin and Cantonese language classes for local community residents interested in improving their language skills in order to communicate sufficiently with others.

Paid program for community members


The Computer and Clerical Skills Training program is open to anyone interested in learning basic computer skills including how to use the Internet and e-mail. Our program is designed to assist those who wish to utilize computers to broaden their access to information and experience new ways to communicate with families and friends.  The training program also helps equip new immigrants with the basic skills necessary for them to enter the service workforce and improve the quality of their lives.

To learn more about the programs and services available through The Resource Center, contact CCCF via phone at (347) 542-3700