Youth Program

The Youth Programs within CCCF was created to meet the specific needs of New York City youth between the ages of six to eighteen. Our Youth Programs assists youth, especially new immigrants, in their transition into the community through academic tutoring, English enrichment and other valuable social enrichment activities. Our dedicated team of staff also serve as mentors to help cultivate the character and to promote the self-image of our students. Through our cultural programs, educational seminars and parenting support groups, youth and parents also learn to interact and communicate more effectively with each other.


CCCF runs an afterschool program Monday-Friday during the school year to cultivate the social, academic and emotional development of youth ages 5-12 years old. Afterschool teachers provide individualized and group support to students in the areas of Math and English and specialized instructors lead recreational and arts based activities.  More…

To learn more or to register, contact CCCF via phone at (347) 542-3700


Each year from June to August, youth between the ages of 6-12 years old can enjoy a 9 week long summer experience – taking healthy risks within a safe environment that stimulates their mind and body.   Tutors are available to provide student academic support in the subjects of Math and English.  Through group activities and sports, students learn the importance of teamwork, good sportsmanship, and leadership. Activities may include hiking, canoeing, indoor and outdoor sports and games, and art projects.

To learn more about Summer Camp for 2016, contact CCCF via phone at (347) 542-3700


For high school students, CCCF offers through our Teen Center a free SAT preparation course aimed to build their confidence and awareness of test- taking strategies and subject materials and to prepare them for the standardized college entrance examination. The course consists of classroom instruction and diagnostic exams.  More…

To learn more or to sign up for the prep course, contact CCCF via phone at (347) 542-3700


The ACT for Social Change (ACT) Initiative are youth driven volunteer projects run out of our Teen Center’s Volunteer Program.  ACT provides the opportunity for high school students to learn about social issues in their community and get involved for positive change.  Past and current events & projects include: “Environmental Walk” to increase the community’s awareness about the importance of environmental preservation; “Moon Festival Parade” to promote cultural appreciation between the different ethnic groups in Flushing and within the community at large; “Afterschool Mentoring” to support at risk low income elementary school students participating in CCCF’s afterschool program, and “Coaches” to help develop the skillsets of youth during table tennis clinics sponsored by CCCF throughout New York City.

To learn more about available volunteer opportunities, contact CCCF via phone at (347) 542-3700


Teen Center offers a nine month internship program for 8-10 high school students to take part in the development and implementation of a business venture for social good from start to finish.  Students will learn the operational logistics of starting their own business including researching, marketing and financing.

To get an application or to find out more information, contact CCCF via phone at (347) 542-3700